Conference theme

Conference theme

(Novel Proteins and Lipids)

1、New technology and equipment of protein processingand applications

2、New technology and equipment of lipid processingand applications

3、Development and utilization of new protein sources

4、Protein physicochemical properties and characterization

5、Plant-based protein meat technology and market

6、Lipid nutrition and health benefits

7、Protein nutrition and health benefits

8、Lipid quality and analysis

Welcome to this meeting

(AOCS China Section, CNAOCS)

The fourth annual meeting of the Chinese branch of the American Association of Fat Chemists will be held at Pullman Convention Center in Haikou, Hainan Province from December 3-6, 2023. The conference will discuss and exchange topics on the sources, applications, and processing trends of alternative proteins and oils, including a total of 8 conference themes. The conference invites renowned experts and scholars from both domestic and foreign countries, as well as outstanding young scholars, to attend and give academic reports, to jointly exchange the latest research results. The conference team sincerely invites all experts and scholars to participate in this annual conference.

AOCS China Section, CNAOCS